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Time: 20 minutes

Task I

Read the text below and complete gaps 1-6 with phrases A-G. There is one phrase you do not need to use.

Of all the farmers in the district William Tweltree was the poorest and most unlucky. He was a good fellow, but the strangest thing about him was 1_______________ . His life was not easy as he had to keep a wife and four daughters who were too young to help him.

William and his family were good ordinary people, but William had a dream to play in a performance. Only his four children and his wife alone knew Transfer your answers to the answer sheet! of that dream. Then, one autumn they came across an announcement printed in the local journal that all those interested in drama were asked to attend a meeting of a new dramatic society. All the members of William’s family were anxious to see him act in a real performance and 2_______________ . When William entered the hall where the meeting was held he was surprised to see so many people. The people who wished to take part in the performance were given a play to read and choose a part. William read the play and decided that he should play the Transfer your answers to the answer sheet! part of the Duke. In a week it was announced to William’s great regret that he would have the part of the monk. The information struck William as very unpleasant; he even hesitated 3_______________ . But when he told his wife and daughters that he would play the part of a monk they thought that it was wonderful. So, he got down to learning his role and very soon he knew it by heart. He was sure 4_______________ .

At last the day of the first performance came. William asked his wife not to come to the theatre, saying that he would Transfer your answers to the answer sheet! be very nervous and 5_______________ . He arrived early at the theatre and when he was dressed and made up, he looked like a real monk. In the first scene he was to be on the stage alone. Although he had been preparing for it for a long time he got terribly frightened. He forgot his lines completely, his manners were very funny. In fact he looked more like a clown than a monk and was greeted with laughter. The situation was awful. Now he wished to get out of it, so he rushed from the stage and hid himself in Transfer your answers to the answer sheet! the dressing-room. There he changed his clothes and went home. He was very much upset and didn’t know 6_______________ .

A. that might spoil everything

B. whether to take the part or give it all up

C. that he lived in dreams

D. how to break the news to his wife

E. that he would be a failure

F. they made him attend the meeting

G. that the audience would appreciate his talent

Task II

Read the text about London and answer questions below.

Where can a visitor to London

7) see beautiful English lawns and enjoy flowers?

8) open a bank’s account or withdraw money from it Transfer your answers to the answer sheet!?

9) see a masterpiece of the famous English architect of the 17th


10) buy souvenirs or visit the largest London department stores?

11) see graves of outstanding people of Great Britain?

12) go to see the place where bills are introduced and debates are held?


The historical centre of London is now a relatively small area still known as the City, which covers only about 1 sq mi. Most of the financial activities are crowded along Threadneedle Street, near the intersection known as the Bank, which includes the huge Bank of England complex, the Royal Exchange, and the Stock Exchange. The permanent Transfer your answers to the answer sheet! residential population of the City is now less than 6000, but about 350,000 commute here daily to work.


Located just west of Soho and Covent Garden in the West End is a more residential area. The relatively dense development of this area is broken up by a series of Royal Parks, areas once owned by the Crown, including Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, and Regent’s Park.


The most prominent landmark of the City is Saint Paul’s Cathedral, designed by the English architect Christopher Wren to replace the original church, which was destroyed during the Great Fire of London in 1666.


The Transfer your answers to the answer sheet! City of Westminster, about two miles upstream from the City of London, emerged as England’s political and religious centre of power after the 11th century. At the heart of Westminster is Westminster Abbey, begun by Edward the Confessor in the 11th century and rebuilt in the 13th century. It has always been closely associated with the monarchy and is used for such state occasions as coronations and royal funerals. It is also a giant mausoleum, and more than 3000 notable people are buried there. Statues and monuments line the magnificent nave.


Virtually across the street are the Houses of Parliament, officially Transfer your answers to the answer sheet! called the New Palace of Westminster. Farther west is the monarch’s per­manent residence in London, Buckingham Palace.


To the west and north of Trafalgar Square is the West End, which is usually regarded as the centre of town because it is London’s shopping and entertainment hub. The busiest shopping area is Oxford Street, where such large department stores as Selfridges, John Lewis, and Marks and Spencer are located. Other well-known shopping areas include Knightsbridge, the location of Harrods department store; and Piccadilly, where Fortnum and Mason specializes in fine food.

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